Research and Publications

SCoA Background Paper on Employment

28-Jun-2017 03:16 PM  ..

SCOA Submission to Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

01-Aug-2017 05:17 PM  ..

SCoA Submission - Strengthening the Test for Australian Citizenship

02-Jun-2017 11:07 AM  ..

SCoA Submission - Inquiry into Strengthening Multiculturalism

02-Jun-2017 11:06 AM  ..

SCoA Submission to the 2017-18 Humanitarian Programme

22-May-2017 09:54 AM  ..

SCoA Policy Update - Citizenship

27-Apr-2017 10:29 AM  ..

Employment and Job Seeking Experiences: A Case of South Sudanese Australians Residing in the ACT

21-Mar-2017 01:22 PM  ..

Settlement Grants Programme Briefing Paper

03-Jul-2017 02:57 PM  ..

Inquiry into Migrant Settlement Outcomes - SCoA Submission

10-Feb-2017 09:25 AM  ..

Multiculturalism Alive and Well in Australia - Briefing Paper

03-Jul-2017 03:15 PM  ..

Inquiry into Migrant Settlement Outcomes SCoA Key Messages

15-Dec-2016 04:51 PM  ..

SCoA Submission to Human Rights Committee Inquiry into Free Speech

08-Dec-2016 12:00 PM  ..

Triennial and International Conference of the Settlement Council of Australia Extended Report

25-Nov-2016 12:35 PM  ..

Triennial and International Conference of the Settlement Council of Australia Report

25-Nov-2016 12:35 PM  ..

SCoA Regional Settlement Policy Paper

31-Oct-2016 11:54 AM  SCoA has developed a Policy Paper on Regional Settlement in Australia in an effort to guide the enhancement of settlement policies regarding refug..

Issues Paper: Refugee Family Reunion

26-Aug-2016 02:25 PM  ..

National Settlement Services Outcomes Standards

17-May-2016 02:52 PM  ..

SCOA Discussion Paper: Employment solutions: Case studies of good settlement in practice

04-Mar-2016 12:04 PM  ..

SCOA Fact Sheet - Settlement Services

04-Sep-2015 12:38 PM  ..

SCOA National Consultations 2014 Report

04-Sep-2015 12:38 PM  ..

SCOA National Consultations 2014 - State Specific Issues

04-Sep-2015 12:38 PM  ..

SCOA Discussion Paper Addressing Barriers to Adequate Housing

04-Sep-2015 12:38 PM (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=123327)..

SCOA Discussion Paper Addressing Barriers to Employment

17-Feb-2016 03:59 PM  ..

SCOA Discussion Paper on Family Violence

04-Sep-2015 12:38 PM  ..

SCOA Discussion Paper Sports and Settlement

04-Sep-2015 12:38 PM (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=122793)..

Policy Practice Forum Minutes - March 2014

04-Sep-2015 12:38 PM  ..

SCOA Consultation Report 2014-15

18-Feb-2016 10:41 AM  SCOA State Consultation Report 2014-15 (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=195686)..



Case Studies


Construction Training Course

The training program gives migrant job seekers an opportunity to participate in a Certificate I Construction Course to accompany their English language study. ..

Family Village Day Care

Communicare's Family Day Care Village Program provided migrant women in the Perth area employment and affordable housing opportunities. Women undertake vocational training courses to obtain their childcare licenses while residing in affordable rental accommodation wih three year leases. During the lease they are encouraged to save up for a hou..

Given the Chance

Given the Chance ™(GtC) is an adaptable employment program designed for refugees and or asylum seekers who are ready to enter the workforce but lack the local experience required to gain employment. ..

Overseas Qualified Engineers

This was a pilot project that engaged qualified engineers of Sydney's southwest to deliver employment information sessions to migrants with overseas engineering qualifications. ..

Passport to Drive

This is a driver education program unique to the NT designed to assist recently arrived refugees to become safe and competent drivers and attain their driver’s licenses in a cost-effective and timely manner. ..

Skilled Professional Migrants Program

This program specifically targets the real difficulties that can prevent skilled professional migrants from successfully entering the job market. ..

Steps to Work

The Steps to Work program provided migrants and people from refugee backgrounds the opportunity to access job readiness training. ..

Swan Hill Resettlement Program

It aimed to attract refugees from the Horn of Africa who were residents in Melbourne to relocate to Swan Hill and work in its growing economy ...


The Ucan2 program aims to facilitate and support the social inclusion of newly arrived young people of refugee background. It does this by fostering cooperation between providers of education, social support, training and employment services. ..

Work and Welcome

Work & Welcome offers new Australians short-term paid work opportunities at a local school or corporate employer, providing participants with valuable work experience in a supportive Australian work environment as an important step towards finding ongoing employment...

Work Ready

The Work Ready Program creates meaningful work experience placements to overcome the employment challenges and lack of Australian work experience faced by migrants and people from refugee backgrounds...